Eaglet Program

Under the Eaglet Program, the foundation authorizes banks to provide interest-free, collateral-free micro-credit loans to entrepreneurs. The founding period is two years and the maximum amount of funding is 300,000 yuan. Half of the principal is repaid in equal monthly payments; the other half is repaid at maturity.

Eagle Program

Under the Eagle Program, the foundation supports start-ups by investing in their shares. The maximum amount of funding is 500,000 yuan. The amount of funds raised by the entrepreneurial team must be higher than the amount of funds provided by the foundation. During the funding period (three years), the foundation does not receive any dividends on shares it holds in the company and sells the shares at the original price after the expiration of the funding period.

Who can apply?


within five years of graduation (including graduates of undergraduate programs (long-cycle programs requiring four to five years of study), junior college programs (short-cycle programs requiring two to three years of study), master's programs and doctoral programs and graduates returning from overseas)


students in undergraduate programs who are in their fourth year and above (including students in junior college programs who are in their third year of college, master's students and PhD students)

What are the eligibility criteria?

1)The applicant shall have Chinese nationality.
2)The applicant must be the natural person majority shareholder and the legal representative of a start-up.
3)The applicant must engage in entrepreneurship on a full-time basis.

4)The company must be registered in Shanghai and no more than one year has elapsed since its registration.
5)Companies receiving funding from the Eaglet Program need to open a basic account or general account at the designated bank to be used to receive money; companies receiving funding from the Eagle Program must ensure that capital contributions are made in the form of cash when raising funds on their own.

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