Step Holdings

Shanghai Step Technology Finance Group Co., Ltd. ("STEP Holdings") was initiated and founded by EFG in 2010 with registered capital of RMB3,500mn. STEP Holdings is committed to constructing an entrepreneurship service ecological chain integrating three major functions including fund investment and management, innovative finance and services, park operation and incubation and centering on science & technology finance; its mission is grand but simple: "Address the difficulties of entrepreneurship, help enterprises grow".

In 2015, by sharing resources from various sides and tapping social potential, STEP Holdings’ s investment business managed funds worth RMB2,500mn in total and directly or indirectly invested in 300 early-stage startups each year; its finance business had new guarantee loans worth RMB1,200mn all the year round and served 700 early-stage technology enterprises; its park business managed and incubated 30,000m2 of new hackerspaces and incubated 100+ early-stage startups.

Nowadays, the world is a world of changes, replete with numerous new challenges and opportunities. STEP Holdings will stick to the concept of entrepreneurship and sharing and coordinate all forces to embrace innovation opportunities and contribute to the great cause of knowledge and innovation in the age of entrepreneurship.