Entrepreneurship Valley

About the Entrepreneurship Valley, EFG’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The "Entrepreneurship Valley" is one of the programs in the "Path to Growth-Entrepreneurial Leader Cultivation Plan" launched by the EFG Entrepreneurship Laboratory. The EFG Entrepreneurship Laboratory is a national innovation and entrepreneurship education base initiated by the entrepreneurship Foundation (EFG, www.stefg.org) and founded upon the approval of the Ministry of Education and is aimed at spreading the culture of entrepreneurship, integrating social entrepreneurship resources and supporting entrepreneurial practice.

The Entrepreneurship Valley was officially launched in 2010 and is a public welfare event designed to identify and nurture college graduates who aspire to embark on entrepreneurship across the country through centralized training. Here, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, experts, trainers, etc. share with trainees entrepreneurial experience and demonstrate trainees' entrepreneurial potential and ability with a focus on business plans, business models, teamwork, growth potential and other modules to elevate trainees' perception of and reflections on entrepreneurship.

Let us create the future together with passion, struggle with zeal, subdue entrepreneurial challenges, combat the winds and storms of entrepreneurship, fulfill entrepreneurial dreams with soaring aspirations and forge an entrepreneurial spirit in relentless struggles!

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