Long March of Biz-Road

As an entrepreneurial leader born in the 1980's, the author of the book Mao Kankan shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship with readers based on his own experience. This book integrates all kinds of entrepreneurial strategies and life lessons into things young people are most familiar with and is flexible and fluid in thinking, humorous and exciting, giving readers a delightful reading experience and vivid revelations about entrepreneurship and growth.

If you want to read a "fairy-tale-like” inspirational book, please immediately close the book and ask where to buy My Success Can Be Replicated and try to copy his success quickly instead of wasting your precious time on the book;

if you want to read a book that tells of a sincere entrepreneurial experience, especially one of a tragic nature to urge yourself forward and bypass some pitfalls, please do not hesitate to buy the book.

Entrepreneurship sounds romantic, but it is an arduous undertaking and is difficult to carry out; nevertheless, we advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave.

A good book on entrepreneurship does not tell a fairy tale, but shows how people fall into pitfalls.

A good book on entrepreneurship is not intended to satisfy your voyeuristic desire by showing how people fall into pitfalls, but it tells you how to bypass these pitfalls to avoid falling and bruising yourself badly as much as you can.

A good book on entrepreneurship does not stimulate hormone production with fairy tales, but tells you where to start and how to start - or at any rate get you on the right track.

By now you should know what I mean. Then let's embark on the road to entrepreneurship, let's feel, share and learn the joy and sadness and strategies and methods on the road to entrepreneurship, let every one of our hormones shoot an arrow at the target and yield results!