Graduate Project

Shanghai Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability Training Program (hereinafter referred to as "Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program") is a non-profit project sponsored by Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG) under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Committee of the Communist Youth League. It is also one of the series "Road of Growth Entrepreneurship Leaders Training Program" projects launched by EFG Entrepreneurship Labs.

Entrepreneurship Labs is a national innovation and entrepreneurship education base sponsored by EFG with the approval from the Chinese Ministry of Education, aiming to disseminate entrepreneurship culture, integrate social entrepreneurship resources and support entrepreneurship practice.
The picture shows that Yan Junqi, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, and Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC and minister of science and technology are jointly unveiling the nameplate of "National Entrepreneurship Laboratories for University Students (Shanghai)".
The Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is aimed to train the doctoral and postgraduate students in Shanghai universities and scientific research institutes who aspire to start their own business, and has extended to cover the undergraduate students in their junior or above grade since 2017. The Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program adopts a project approval system, wherein, the project shall be a scientific research project or transferable scientific research achievement related to the applicant's major and, together with the applications, independently developed by the applicant.

A trainee who is selected to participate in the incubation, if his / her project is approved and really starts his / her own business, will be given a bonus of not more than RMB30,000 by EFG. A startup project that has been reviewed and approved by Angel Fund will be given an Angel Fund support of not more than RMB800,000.