Entrepreneurship Assessment

Who we are?

Shanghai Entrepreneurship Assessment Center (EAC), launched and established by Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG), is the first nonprofit organization that builds entrepreneurship assessment system and uses it for review process of startup project.We are a third party professional organization which combines the Foundation’s 10-year project subsidy data and participation of professional investors in the industry, sets core capability model that influences early-stage entrepreneurs, and provides professional services such as entrepreneurship assessment, entrepreneurship data research and entrepreneur cultivation.

On the basis of the Foundation’s approximately 10 years’ accumulation of entrepreneurship services,we cooperate with domestic consultants and experts in relevant areas (psychology/behavioral science, investors, entrepreneurship education) to build an entrepreneurship assessment services team. In addition,we have a complete set of entrepreneurship assessment tools, which are developed by DDI, a global professional assessment and training services supplier, and the tools comprise online and offlinetools. We are proud to provide more professional services for entrepreneurs and still making continuous efforts to truly become a mirror of entrepreneurs and eye of investors.

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What we do?

Entrepreneurial Capability Model and Assessment Services

As a part of entrepreneurship assessment, Shanghai Entrepreneurship Assessment Center (EAC) hopes to help entrepreneurs understand real themselves——improve themselves——exploit potentials, and help entrepreneurs/investment organizations understand thoroughlyentrepreneurs’ core capabilities, decisions and management styles. During the process, “mentality analysis system of start-up enterprise organization” can precisely analyzeall the elements that influence organization development, and generate“key indicators of managerial psychology”which are highly correlated with organization development. Entrepreneurs can use this as guidance to help themselves improve management and promote performance improvement of partners and the organization.

Entrepreneurship Quality Cultivation

According to specific situations of each entrepreneur and his/her team, we provide choices and advices of corresponding courses and one-to-one tutorship and mentor services to help entrepreneurs improve themselves as soon as possible, avoid detours, improve leadership and psychological capital, so that they are able to quickly advance courageously despite difficulties.

Entrepreneurship data research

In 2015, starting with entrepreneurs, who weresubsidized by the Foundation in recent 10 years, theEAC made in-depth interviews and conducted data research. And in November 2015, the EACofficially published research report——“Development Law and Entrepreneurship Trap of Micro and Small Enterprises”, and completed the Foundation’s first stage research of college students entrepreneurship data.We make in-depth interviewswith lots of entrepreneurs, finish manuscripts of record, write entrepreneurs’ experiences, and objectively demonstrate common problems in those entrepreneurship processes.

Heart Venture Partner Studio

“Heart Venture Partner Studio” is an innovative post-investment services brand, a professional platform that provides entrepreneurs with personal transformation, team improvement and tutor services through the form of accompanying, guiding and activities. The Studio introduces EAP, which is based on psychology and management science, to startups and their team service areas. We mainly provide human services for entrepreneurs to build high performance teams and improve leadership; and micro personalized services such as dealing with pressure, sentiment and events, thus promoting the development of entrepreneurs and their enterprises. Supported by listening, we guide and endow you positive energy and help you regain confidence. We cheer and applaud for you,support you, contain you, and accompany you on your wonderful life.


To help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship team objectively evaluate and understand themselves, consciously foster strengths, circumvent weaknesses, and learn from others' strong points to offset their weakness during entrepreneurial process.

College innovation and entrepreneurship education

EAC makes full use of the features ofopen platform and accumulates lots of entrepreneur quality data. By analyzing and studying these data, we can provide references for college innovation and entrepreneurship education.

Investment organizations and entrepreneurship services organizations:

Through systematic and professional services technology and methods, we help investment organizations and entrepreneurship services organizations fosterentrepreneurs with outstanding potential in a more scientific way, and provide better services for their later development.