The Second Bounce of the Ball Turning Risk into Opportunity

Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but with so many choices and so much temptation out there, they hesitate. This is not a how-to book. It does not tell anyone how to write a business plan. Rather, the book shows you how to approach an entrepreneurial opportunity and how to put yourself in a position to best take advantage of it. The Second Bounce of the Ball Turning Risk into Opportunity is valuable in that it provides a clear and complete description of the image of a successful entrepreneur in the eyes of investors and offers guidance for entrepreneurs seeking financing and businessmen committed to venture capital investment.

The book is well worth a read for entrepreneurs who are starting or have started their own businesses, investors who want to know about private equity or practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship and investment.

Entrepreneurs’ traits

All entrepreneurs share certain personality traits: a high level of confidence and high levels of optimism, energy and determination.

Building a successful business is not easy. It will consume years, it will demand attention to detail and it will test your nerves, stamina and capacity for hard work to the limit.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. But it will be easier if you know what to expect and how to go about dealing with it.

Entrepreneurship is not your fight alone. Unless you recognize and recruit great people, and unless you are able to fashion a great team, you will not build a great organization and outdistance your competitors.