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Global Entrepreneurship Week China

A yearly entrepreneurial event with participants from 160 countries

The Road Makers

Entrepreneurship interview activities provide more experience sharing for early-stage entrepreneurs

Angel Investment Report

The report makes in-depth analysis of China’s angel investments.

Policy Query

You can search and download preferential policies suitable for you

Enterperneurship Communication

Enterperneurship Communication

Angel Fund

2 modes:
interest-free loan & non-profitable funding

Eaglet Program:interest-free loan(up to RMB 200,000 yuan)
Eagle Program:Non-profitable funding(up to RMB 500,000 yuan)

Angel investment

A service platform for investment and financing

Enterprise Library

It provides daily operation forms about finance, personnel, etc., which are available to download.

Entrepreneurship books

A series of outstanding entrepreneurship books both at home and abroad planned and launched by EFG

Entrepreneurship Assessment

It reflects entrepreneurs' various entrepreneurial capability indicators through a systematic scientific assessment system.

Graduate Project

A free systematic entrepreneurship training for graduates that are
studying in colleges or universities in Shanghai

Entrepreneurship Valley

A free systematic entrepreneurship training


Full name: Global Entrepreneurship Week Campus Centre. A League of entrepreneurial associations from 160+ universities.

Startup hub

You can search online for startup hubs in Shanghai by area, hub type, rent, etc.

All Preparation phase
Start-up phase
Development phase
(Estimated value<30 million yuan)
Development phase
(Estimated value>=30 million yuan)
All Capital Education Incubator Policy Operation Event

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Angel Fund

Eaglet Program: Start-up loan for up to RMB 500,000 Interest-free + Mortgage-free
Eagle Program: Equity investment of up to RMB 800,000 Do not need to share out bonus + Withdraw at original price

Entrepreneurship Assessment

Truthfully and fully reflect the personality traits of entrepreneurs and various indicators
of entrepreneurial ability through a systematic scientific evaluation system.