Message from Leadership

The establishment of the "Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates" signifies that Shanghai will gradually set up a long-term management mechanism for promoting technology entrepreneurship among college graduates, build a socialized management model and improve specialized management to further carry forward the groundbreaking, tough and ongoing work of encouraging and supporting technology entrepreneurship among college graduates. It is a pioneering initiative to implement the main strategy of reinvigorating the city through science and education and a practical project benefiting the nation and the people.

Our capacity for independent innovation is an inexhaustible driving force behind the development and prosperity of Shanghai. College students are quick-witted, innovative and pioneering-minded and represent a tremendous potential for independent innovation. The purpose of the foundation is to "pave the way and set up the bridge" for college graduates who aspire to embark on innovation and entrepreneurship through venture capital funding, help guide college graduates towards rational entrepreneurship and transform college students' "potential energy" for independent innovation into tangible "kinetic energy" to "contribute bricks and tiles" to the construction of an innovative city.

We hope that the Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates will actively blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit and constantly improve its socialized management and specialized services; we hope that people from all walks of life will give the development of this public welfare undertaking their consideration and support. We believe that with the consideration and support of the whole society, the "seed fund" will bear fruit abundantly!

Yan Junqi

Vice chairman of the 11th and 12th NPC Standing Committees and chairman of the 13th CAPD Central Committee