The Nine Disciplines for Future Founders

In what fields is entrepreneurship likely to succeed? How to find angel investors? How to write the first business plan? How to find business partners? What are the problems to which business partnerships are susceptible? What challenges does an start-up expect to encounter? Can business models be changed? What's more important, products or marketing? Is M & A a double-edged sword?

You can find answers to all of these questions in The Nine Disciplines for Future Founders. The book contains detailed and in-depth exclusive case studies and personal guidance provided by godfather of entrepreneurship Liu Chuanzhi and business heavyweights such as Kai-Fu Lee! The book explains in detail various stages of entrepreneurship and is a portable personal entrepreneurial mentor.

The book is the first hands-on manual in China that walks you through the process of starting a business, the first tutorial jointly written by the most prominent business leaders and the most authoritative entrepreneurial mentors for college students and the first textbook that reviews the entrepreneurial journeys of entrepreneurs and provides a comprehensive and multidimensional analysis of the entrepreneurial process.

In the book, authoritative figures in the field of entrepreneurship personally answer questions for you, investment bigwigs in China tell you how to obtain financing and entrepreneurship experts tell you how to find the way forward.